Sunday 14 July 2019 // Festivalpark, Werchter
Sunday 14 July 2019 // Festivalpark, Werchter

At the festival site

Lost & found

Lost your keys, wallet, phone…? That’s annoying, but it happens. All lost objects will be gathered at the info stands. Found something yourself? Drop it off at one of the info stands.

Our lost & found service is available until Tuesday 16 July, via

All items that haven’t been collected will be transfered to the municipality of Rotselaar on 17 July. Reach them on

Festival map

Nom nom nom

Fortunately the days of hotdogs, hamburgers and fries with mayonnaise are long gone. For quite a while now there has been a far wider range of food available; and the highly varied selection means there’s something for everyone. You can choose from healthy salads, oysters, tasty pasta, Asian cuisine, premium burgers, crusty sandwiches, the first mussels of the season, wraps, stir fries, healthy smoothies, fruit and plenty more besides. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options too. Beer and refreshing drinks are available from drinks stalls scattered all over the festival ground. Specialized stalls offer coffee, milk, fruit juice, wine and cava as well. Drink/food coupons enable you to purchase both food and drink in the festival park.

Good to know: for 1 drinks voucher, you get a 0.5l bottle of Spa Reine water. Always. Because we think it is important that festival goers drink enough water. In hot weather, we actually recommend drinking a lot of water. Drinking water is provided in different ways on the festival grounds. You can freely use the taps with drinking water at the sanitary blocks spread out over the festival grounds.

Important: it is forbidden to give, offer or sell alcoholic drinks to anyone under the age of 16. That's the law. If you are under 16 please respect this law. If you are over 16, please be aware that you are forbidden to buy alcohol for anyone under the age of 16 or to offer them alcoholic drinks. For beverages containing more than 1,2% of distilled alcohol (eg. cocktails, gin-tonic, etc.), this minimum age is 18.

Do's & don'ts

The safety of concert and festival goers, artists and their crew, employees and neighbouring residents is always our highest priority. We have a robust safety policy. We organise additional and intensive meetings with the local and federal police and the local and provincial authorities. A set of measures will be implemented. A list of all do's & don'ts can be found here.


  • Open fires are not permitted in any area of the festival site
  • By attending the festival, you give your express consent to be included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world. This includes filming by the police or security which may be carried out for the security of customers or the prevention of crime
  • Upon entering the festival site, you agree to the festival’s conditions of sale
  • Pets are not allowed in, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.

Accessibility for people with a disability

In collaboration with Inter, TW Classic puts in a great effort to make the festival accessible to the disabled. So we have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings:

  • There is an alternative, accessible and less crowded entrance for people with a disability. One person is allowed to accompany him/her through this entrance.
  • We provide a viewing platform for wheelchair users, people with crutches... with a grandstand view of the performing artists. Specific tickets are required for people using this platform. (These tickets are sold out).
  • Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the festival site.
  • Specific parking spaces are provided. To use the ADD parking, you'll need to purchase a parking ticket in advance. It's no longer possible to pay the amount in cash on the spot. Capacity is limited - please request your reserver parking space in advance through the form below. Inter will keep you posted on the next steps. All specific parking spaces are full!
  • If you wish to bring a folding chair because of your disability or another health issue, you'll also need a pass to bring this. Please ask Inter for this pass in advance.
  • Throughout the festival, you can always call on ADD staff for assistance, free of charge. This may include: toilet, moving and eating assistance, etc. Do not hesitate to talk to an ADD assistant, whenever you require assistance. You can find them on the festival site (at the viewing platforms).
  • For people with hearing aids, we are once again setting up audio frequency induction loops. By switching your hearing aid to the “T” position, you will enjoy much better sound quality and much less ambient noise. Close to the wheelchair platform, we provide an audio frequency induction loop. For more information, turn to the licensed carers who are offering assistance at the wheelchair stage.
  • Pets are not allowed in, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.

Please make your request for all necessary facilities with Inter before 20 June 2019, through this form.


Think green. Keep the festival park clean. Throw your trash in the bins. There are plenty, you can't miss 'em.

We uphold the traditional recycling scheme. As always, 20 empty plastic cups or PET bottles are worth one drink coupon if exchanged, and this is also the case outside the festival park and at The Hive.

First aid

The Red Cross will help with incidents of all kinds, minor and major! Red Cross stations are clearly marked on the festival grounds. The MUG Leuven is also available around the clock.

Pay electronically

At the coupon desks and the merchandise stands, payments through bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa) are accepted. Small expenses - up to 25 euro/day - can be paid contactlessly. You can also make mobile payments using the 'Payconiq by Bancontact' app. There is an ATM by KBC available on the festival grounds. Cash payments are still an option as well.

Important: was your card lost of stolen during the festival? Have it blocked immediately through Card Stop, dial +32 70 344 344.


In the Festival Park, hundreds of vacuum toilets - with a porcelain bowl - and urinals are available in the various toilet blocks. Use of the toilets is free. Urinating against fences or stands is not nice. Please don't!

Protect your ears

For many years now, we have been paying plenty of attention to everyone's ears in the Festival Park. Thanks to the very best sound equipment, the sound that is produced by the speakers is not only of excellent quality, it also has an acceptable level.

Since 2011, the limit has been set at an average of 100 dB(A)/hour, measured at the mixing desk, thus anticipating to the new legal requirements which are in vigour as from 1 January 2013. These levels are strictly respected. Free earplugs are available at the information booths and the merchandise stands.


An explicit ban on crowd surfing

Crowd surfing is banned at Werchter, as it is at all the big festivals in Europe. A wise decision. That way people at the front can enjoy everything that’s happening on stage without constantly having to protect themselves. It is also much safer and much more pleasant for all, and reduces the risk of injury considerably. Therefore, expect to be removed from the festival grounds if you fail to observe this rule.

Safety corridors

Constructions are set up in front of the stage in order to increase visitor comfort and safety. Our pioneering role has inspired many major festivals throughout Europe to set up similar systems. Safety corridors consist of solid constructions with freestanding barriers which, in the event of an emergency situation, enable safety and first-aid staff to carry out interventions at a significant distance from the stage, without disturbing the rest of the crowd. These corridors are built in such a way that they can absorb part of forward and sidelong crowd pressure.

Solid floor

Muddy and slippery circumstances in the front-stage area should be avoided. Therefore, solid flooring is installed in front of the Main Stage.

Video screen

There is a huge video screen on each side of the Main Stage. This enables people standing farther from the stage to fully enjoy what is going on on stage.

Info stand

During the festival information can be found at any of the info stands, which are located on the festival grounds, and outside the festival, on the bridge of Werchter.

Screens and rolling text boards

Scrolling text boards on the festival grounds display practical information around the clock, and the big screens beside the Main Stage give out information between live performances. Keep an eye on these boards and screens to stay up to date on important announcements.


If you wish to store your personal belongings securely, use our lockers! You don't need to pay a security deposit.

There are three locker sizes:

  • Charging locker (12x22x30cm) with power supply to charge a mobile phone (bring your own cable!) - rental price €7/day
  • Medium (25x30x45cm) - rental price €7/day
  • XLarge (50x30x45cm) - rental price €12/day

You have non-stop access to your locker and your belongings during the opening hours of the Festivalpark. All lockers need to be cleared before the Festivalpark closes. Visit for more info on the lockers.

More practical info