Saturday 25 June 2022 - Festivalpark Werchter // TW Classic
Saturday 25 June 2022 - Festivalpark Werchter // TW Classic


At what time do the performances start?

The stage times have not been announced at this time. As soon as all artists playing TW Classic 2022 are revealed, a timetable will be published on this website. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds are the headliner of the festival.

Where is Werchter?

The festival park is located alongside the Haachtsesteenweg in Werchter (Belgium), not too far from Brussels (30 km) and close to Leuven (15 km).

Can I get to TW Classic by public transport?

All mobility info will be available on this website later.

What about the tickets bought for TW Classic 2020? Will these be refunded?

Your order for tickets to TW Classic 2020 will be fully transferred to the 2022 event. You can find your order in 'My Account' on If you wish to convert your order into credit, you can do so here until 31 August 2021. That credit can be spent on festivals taking place at Festivalpark Werchter up to, and including, 31 August 2023. More info can be found here

The Belgian Minister for Economic and Consumer Affairs has implemented measures for the entire live music industry. This measure protects you as a consumer and also reduces the impact of the current crisis for the organisers. Read more on this in Dutch or French.

In practical terms, this means you will receive a credit to the value of the full amount you paid for your booking for TW Classic. This credit is available in ‘My Account’ on You can spend the credit on any of the festivals organised in the Festivalpark in Werchter up to, and including, 31 August 2023. 

A change in the ticket offer is to be noted, compared to TW Classic 2020. There will not be a separate Golden Circle category for the 2022 festival. The Golden Circle ticket for TW Classic 2020 will therefore be converted into a regular TW Classic 2022 ticket. The price difference will be refunded. Also camping tickets for TW Classic 2020 will be automatically refunded, as it is thus far not decided if a festival campsite will be available in 2022.

Do you have any questions on these measures? Take a look on Ticketmaster's FAQ pages.

Are Golden Circle tickets available?

No, there will not be any Golden Circle tickets available for this festival.

Which facilities are put in place for visitors with a handicap or reduced mobility?

In collaboration with Inter, TW Classic puts in a great effort to make the festival accessible to the disabled. So we have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings:

  • There is an alternative, accessible and less crowded entrance for people with a disability. One person is allowed to accompany him/her through this entrance.
  • We provide a viewing platform for wheelchair users, people with crutches... with a grandstand view of the performing artists. Specific tickets are required for people using this platform. Read more on that here.
  • Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the festival site.
  • Specific parking spaces are provided. To use the ADD parking, you'll need to purchase a parking ticket in advance. It's no longer possible to pay the amount in cash on the spot. Capacity is limited - please request your reserver parking space in advance through the form below. Inter will keep you posted on the next steps.
  • If you wish to bring a folding chair because of your disability or another health issue, you'll also need a pass to bring this. Please ask Inter for this pass in advance.
  • Throughout the festival, you can always call on ADD staff for assistance, free of charge. This may include: toilet, moving and eating assistance, etc. Do not hesitate to talk to an ADD assistant, whenever you require assistance. You can find them on the festival site (at the viewing platforms).
  • For people with hearing aids, we are once again setting up audio frequency induction loops. By switching your hearing aid to the “T” position, you will enjoy much better sound quality and much less ambient noise. Close to the wheelchair platform, we provide an audio frequency induction loop. For more information, turn to the licensed carers who are offering assistance at the wheelchair stage.
  • Pets are not allowed in, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.

Please make your request for all necessary facilities before 6 June 2022, through this form.

Can I work at TW Classic?

TW Classic does not work with individual volunteers. The festival has been working with a broad spectre of associations from the wide vicinity of Werchter. With great zeal and enormous amounts of enthusiasm, members of these associations get involved with whatever has to be done on and around the festival ground. Their goal: to contribute to the success of the festival and, on top of that, to gather funds for their association, since all collaborating associations are remunerated by the festival organizers.

Are children allowed inside TW Classic?

TW Classic does not have a minimum age and so everyone is welcome! But everyone at the festival must be in possession of a festival ticket, children included. There is no reduction for children.

We do not recommend that (young) children be brought to the festival grounds, as we do not provide children’s facilities, and because a music festival is not the ideal environment for children.

New mothers who are breastfeeding and wish to express milk, can turn to the First Aid posts.

Help! I bought tickets through a non-official vendor. Now what?

Order your tickets exclusively through Ticketmaster!

Don't blindly order your tickets through the first website that pops up on your search engine. Chances are you are visiting an auctioning website or a ticket reseller. Not only will tickets offered through these websites be more expensive; you also risk being denied access to the festival. Have you bought a ticket through one of these websites? First of all, try getting in touch with this website. Sometimes, you'll be refunded the price difference. If not, consider legal action in civil court. Always report the resale to the Economic Inspectorate via Also read more here.

The name on my ticket is not mine. Will that cause me any trouble?

Does the name on your festival ticket not match with your own name? Don’t worry too much about this! If the ticket was purchased via the official channels, it’s valid.

However, don’t buy your tickets via auction websites or second hand ticket websites. Tickets that are offered for an exuberant amount of money, will be blacklisted and made invalid, which means they don’t grant you access to the festival.

What 'green' initiatives does the festival take?

Festivals take their toll on the environment. This much we know. For many years now we have made efforts to run our Werchter festivals with greater sustainability in mind. In the 2006/2007 season, when Yourope, the association of European festivals, launched their Green & Clean guidelines for greener festivals, Rock Werchter was among the first to claim the label. Greener enterprise is a must. Greener festivals are within the realms of possibility. We do our level best in the areas of water treatment, waste recycling and mobility. We go all out for green energy, and we've reduced our dependence on fossil fuels year on year. With every year, our festivals are getting greener.

Which security measures are being taken?

The safety and health of concert and festival goers, artists and their crew, employees and neighbouring residents is always our highest priority. We have a robust safety policy. We organise additional and intensive meetings with the local and federal police and the local and provincial authorities. More info will be given closer to the festival.