17:35 - 18:40


Anouk is the most successful female singer of all time in the Low Countries. In her home country, the Netherlands, only Golden Earring stand between her and becoming the biggest rock act ever. Coincidentally, the diva was discovered by that band’s singer, Barry Hay, in 1995. Her second single ‘Nobody’s Wife’ (1996) put Anouk Teeuwe from the Hague in the spotlights immediately, and before long she became a phenomenon. ‘Hotel New York’ (2004) sold more than 275,000 copies in the Benelux. That won her a rare diamond record in the Netherlands. However, Anouk is not one to rest on her laurels and continues to challenge herself. In 2013 she took part in the Eurovision Song Festival, and last year she made her first record in the Dutch language. Expect an hour of pure Anouk with the best songs from her entire repertoire: smash hits such as ‘Girl’, ‘Michel’, ‘Lost’, ‘R U Kiddin’ me’, ‘Home is in my head’ and ‘Good God’.

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