14:50 - 15:40

John Butler Trio

The ‘million dollar hippie’. That’s what they call John Butler in his home country of Australia. ‘Hippie’ due to his outspoken views on the climate and on world peace. He cut off his dreadlocks ten years ago but his commitment has not faltered. Butler has used his wealth to create something beautiful in the southern hemisphere; hence the ‘dollars’. He is a brilliant guitarist whose style blends blues, country, folk, hip hop and reggae, resulting in vibrant roots music not unlike that of kindred spirits Michael Franti, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. All wrapped up in an energetic live show that has something for everyone. Butler sees his fans as members of his family. In the John Butler Trio he now plays with two other members on keyboards and percussion, which has only intensified his power. The Werchter connection? Butler was on the bill for Rock Werchter 2008.

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