Placebo is both literally and figuratively an international phenomenon. The group is the result of a happy reunion between Stefan Olsdal of Sweden and Brian Molko, a Scottish American who grew up in the vicinity of Aarlen in Belgium. His first concert was an evening with T.C. Matic, featuring Arno, and the French supergroup Téléphone. Olsdal and Molko were both students at the European School in Luxemburg. Many years later they ran into each other again on the London Underground. In 1994, they started the band Ashtray Heart, which became Placebo a year later. A quarter of a century on, that name stands for everything that good rock music can and should be. Fiery, funny and dangerous. Hits like ‘Every You Every Me’, ‘Special K’, ‘Pure Morning’ en ‘Too Many Friends’ have proved that there is a huge audience for it, and Werchter is no different. Only The Chemical Brothers have taken to the Werchter stage more often than Placebo have. Molko and Olsdal have a new album ready to unleash on the world.

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