Sleaford Mods

A microphone, a laptop and two lovable rogues kicking over sacred cows. With this pared-down setup, Sleaford Mods have evolved into one of the most impressive phenomena of our time. The persuasive duo is concerned with everything that’s going wrong in Great Britain. Boris, Brexit, extremism, poverty… the list is long. They work these ticking time bombs into a crash course in current affairs that you can dance to. The division of labour is clear. Andrew Fearn provides the beats and loops over which Jason Williamson rants in his unrefined Nottingham accent. ‘Dangerous and perfectly pissed off’, was how The Guardian summed them up. The fiftysomethings prefer the label of ‘electronic minimalist punkhop for the working class’. Their sound is best described as - going clubbing with Sex Pistols and The Prodigy!

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