13:40 - 14:20


The American alternative rock band Switchfoot started out in 1996 with a dual objective: a) to become famous b) to matter. Objective 1 happened fast for the San Diego quintet. Their third album ‘Learning to Breathe’ (2000) went gold in the United States. Things happened fast from there on: ‘Nothing is Sound’ (2006) sold over 2.5 million copies, and they won a Grammy for ‘Hello Hurricane’ (2009). In the meantime they have also achieved their second goal. In 2005, Switchfoot organised the first Bro-Am, an annual combined surfing competition and music festival. Over a ten-year period they have raised 800,000 dollars for homeless and vulnerable children in San Diego. TW Classic is Switchfoot’s first concert in this country. By way of introduction, their new album ‘Native Tongue’ (2019) draws inspiration from their favourite bands: Queen, ELO and The Kinks. Good people.

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