Saturday 14 July 2018 // Festivalpark, Werchter
Saturday 14 July 2018 // Festivalpark, Werchter

How to get there?

Where is Werchter?

The festival park is located alongside the Haachtsesteenweg in Werchter (Belgium). Werchter is a centrally situated village and therefore easy to reach. Not too far from Brussels (30 km) and close to Leuven (15 km).

By bicycle

Be green, be healthy and come to Rock Werchter by bike! You'll be here in a heartbeat. You can park your bike nearby and you'll get home quickly afterwards.

The festival is setting up three big bicycle parks within walking distance of the festival:

  • KBC Bicycle parking area A - located near The Hive in Haacht.
  • KBC Bicycle parking area B - located on the Provinciebaan in Rotselaar.
  • KBC Bicycle parking area C - located near the bridge of Werchter.

Cycle parking is free of charge. The cycle parks will be under constant surveillance. In all three cycle parks, a (limited) number of spaces will be provided for mopeds. We will also be providing a cycle repair point at the cycle parks. For a small fee, you can have a punctured tyre or broken brake cable repaired.

By car

Drivers are recommended to take the more direct route to the festival from their point of departure. That way, arrivals and departures will be more spread and there will be less traffic jams. Follow the signposts and put out the GPS if you don’t want to get lost! From the highway, you will be directed to the nearest available car park.

In the vicinity of the festival ground there are about ten parking lots, all of them within walking distance of the festival site.Parking your car costs 15 euro, to be paid on the spot and in cash.

  • From Antwerp: take the E19 in the direction of Brussels and follow the signposting
  • From Brussels: follow the messages on the road signs on the ring road of Brussels
  • From Liège: take the E314 in the direction of Genk and follow the signposting
  • From Genk/Hasselt: take the E314 in the direction of Leuven and follow the signposting

Kiss & ride

Want to avoid traffic jams near the festival? Have yourself dropped off and picked up at the Leuven train station. You can park for free during 30 minutes on the P1 Parking (Martelarenlaan).

For those living in the vicinity of the festival, a few kiss & ride zones are located nearby. Follow the signposting 'kiss & ride'. You can only stop for a quick load-in or load-out. Parking on the kiss & ride zone is not allowed. Please keep in mind the roads to the kiss & ride zones might be congested!

  • Zone A: Wijgmaalsesteenweg - Haacht
  • Zone B: Kapelstraat - Rotselaar
  • Zone C: Tremelobaan - Werchter

By motorbike

There is a manned park for motorbikes. A parking ticket costs 10 euros, to be paid on the spot, in cash. Please note: you will be given a parking ticket as a proof of payment.

By touring car / coach

If you're heading for Rock Werchter in your own coach, we recommended you to sign up via You will receive detailed directions and your parking space for the coach will be reserved.

More practical info