Sunday 14 July 2019 // Festivalpark, Werchter
Sunday 14 July 2019 // Festivalpark, Werchter

Frequently asked questions

Lost & found

Lost your keys, wallet, phone…? That’s annoying, but it happens. All lost objects will be gathered at the info stands. Found something yourself? Drop it off at one of the info stands.

Our lost & found service is available until Tuesday 16 July, via

All items that haven’t been collected will be transfered to the municipality of Rotselaar on 17 July. Reach them on


Please browse through our most frequently asked questions below:

  • Q: Can I bring a folding chair onto the festival site? A: Yes, folding chairs with a max. height of 50cm are allowed. (Example).
  • Q: I am pregnant. Are there any specific facilities for me, or can I park closer to the festival? A: There are no specific facilities for pregnant festivalgoers.
  • Q: At what time do the doors of the festivalpark open? A: The festivalpark is accessible from 12 at noon.
  • Q: What can I bring into the festivalpark? A: You'll find a full list of do's & don'ts in this document.
  • Q: Can I bring a backpack? A: Yes, but backpacks and purses will be checked. We recommend to leave them at home as much as possible.
  • Q: Can I spend the night on one of the parksites? A: No, this is not allowed.
  • Q: Can I book a locker in advance? A: No, this is not possible.

Where to stay?

If camping is not for you, but you wish to spend the night in the vicinity of Werchter, please turn to the Tourist Info Centre of Flanders for all information and accommodation possibilities in the region.

Working at TW Classic

TW Classic does not work with individual volunteers. The festival has been working with a broad spectre of associations from the wide vicinity of Werchter. With great zeal and enormous amounts of enthusiasm, members of these associations get involved with whatever has to be done on and around the festival ground. Their goal: to contribute to the success of the festival and, on top of that, to gather funds for their association, since all collaborating associations are remunerated by the festival organizers.

Can I take my children to the festival?

TW Classic does not have a minimum age and so everyone is welcome! But everyone at the festival must be in possession of a festival ticket, children included. There is no reduction for children.

We do not recommend that (young) children be brought to the festival grounds, because we do not provide children’s facilities, and because a music festival is not the ideal environment for children.

Help! The name on my ticket is not mine.

Does the name on your festival ticket not match with your own name? Don’t worry too much about this! If the ticket was purchased via the official channels, it’s valid.

If the original buyer of the ticket does not accompany you when you enter the festival, please make sure the condition of the ticket, the printing quality and especially the barcode are impeccable. Print out your ticket on a white sheet of paper, and make sure the other side remains unused. Dirty, wet or laminated tickets and badly printed or unclear barcodes are not readable by the scanners. In that case, we can only give a copy of the ticket to the original ticket buyer.

However, don’t buy your tickets via auction websites or second hand ticket websites. Tickets that are offered for an exuberant amount of money, will be blacklisted and made invalid, which means they don’t grant you access to the festival.

Can I promote my product, service or event in or around the festival site?

On and around the festival site, including on the campsites and on the public roads, it is strictly prohibited to hand out or display flyers, posters or other promotional materials. Sponsors and media partners - if they have agreed this with the organizers - get visibility at the Festival Park.

I would like to set up a market or food/drinks stand at the festival

The stand room available in the Festival Park is allocated exclusively to our sponsors and media partners. Frans Bevers Catering is our cateringpartner. Contact us for conditions.

More practical info